It’s with a very heavy and broken heart, that we say goodbye to a wonderful human being, husband, father, and coach Phil Busch. I had the privilege of coaching with Phil for the last two years, and he is the consumate assistant coach.

He loves football, but loves his athletes even more. A family man with an unshaken faith. We will miss him greatly.

He has impacted so many lives through his warm and inviting personality, sense of humor, and a quiet charisma that was infectious to all he came in contact with. I will miss him greatly. He was an example to all on how a coach should carry himself both in season and out.

Thank you, Phil, for your tremendous impact on our football family and Chino Hills community.

Until we see you again, my friend.

Coach Chris Stevens

Thanks for the good times and good laughs Coach Busch. You will be missed but never forgotten. Thank you for the wisdom in football and in life. This season will be for you.

Coach Duffy

Coach bush, first off I want to say thank you for being apart of this team. Not only you gave the linemen a big impact, you gave u the whole entire football team a impact. Please watch over us play every game. We all miss you.

Mauloa Wells

I’ve known coach for a short period of time and man he was a cool dude always kept the same demeanor. It was hard not to look up to him. Believe me coach I picked up a few traits of yours and you will be missed thank you for the knowledge you gave me the other day!

Coach Kargbo

Coach Busch I just wanna thank you for everything being my coach this past year and a half has taught me a lot. RIP

Tyler Perez

You was one of the reasons I wanted to be a coach.

Coach Tamba

Dear coach Busch. You were the one who always told me to walk tall and always stay humble.Your kind words always did & will continue motivating me. I always put and give 100% to my family/team but this season will be different.I will play 3,000 For you! R.I.P coach

Adrian Ayala

You never know when you’ll be gone . FLy high coach Busch You’ll be missed.

Evin Anderson

Thanks for everything Coach Busch. RIP

Calvin Morgan

Phil Busch, Thank you for the laughs and memories on the gridiron. A great coach and even better man! Husky forever. This community lost a great man today! This hurts more than words can explain..

Coach Calles

We lost a very good coach, friend husband, father, & most importantly a very good man Coach Busch will be missed but never forgotten He was a coach who didn’t care about how much money he was getting paid, who he was coaching, or worried about always being the center of attention.

Coach Marquez

Rip coach Busch thank you for coaching me I learned a lot from you may you please watch over me and the team.

Alex Garcia