Below is the rough schedule for the Husky Trail Run & Swim on Saturday, August 3. Athletes will arrive at the school to warm-up, then proceed into the neighborhood & hills on a run. We will provide hydration stations along the way. Upon returning to the school, players will change into swim wear (Please bring swimsuits, towels and sunscreen!) to compete in aquatic challenges. And, the belly flop contest is always a good time! Feel free to come watch!

Boosters will provide a hot dog lunch for the players, but we would appreciate donations of Gatorade, water & individual bags of chips. Thank you!

8:30am – Athletes arrive to school, get helmets ready and meet on the track

9:00am – Instructions, stretch, warm-up

9:15am – All BIGS start run on track; SKILLS to follow once the BIGS get off the track and begin to head out into community

10:15am – All athletes back to school, hydrate, and change for swim

10:30am – Swim event

11:30am – Lunch and dismiss