If you are a Chino Hills player who is part of the passing game (quarterbacks, receivers, tight ends, running backs), please sign-up BELOW to get information about offseason training information (non-CHHS program run). Parents should also sign-up for this class for communication purposes.

There will be a non-CHHS coach who will be working with QBs who are interested. All receiving positions are invited. It would be great to have QBs throwing to Huskies teammates.

More details will follow, so make sure you join the REMIND class. Here is general information:

1 workout per week starting the week of January 6th on either Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays.

Coach Ryan Merrill. $25/QB and unlimited receivers at $10 each. Time & location TBD, but probably Chino Hills area.

If you have any questions, please contact Tom Geeting at 213-479-2377.


Quarterbacks & Receivers


To join the Remind Class by TEXT:

1. Text @passingch to 81010

2. You will receive a message back stating that you have joined the “class”

3. You will be asked to reply with your full name to complete sign-up …please do so.


To join the Remind Class by App:

1. Select menu in upper left corner.

2. Select “Join a class”

3. Enter class code: passingch

4. Select JOIN


Ayala Park – Meet in the parking lot closest to the intersection of Central Ave. and College Park Ave.

Coach Ryan Merrill $25/QB (bring your own football) $10/receiver CASH ONLY.


Remind is a free, safe, easy-to-use communication tool that helps coaches, teachers and boosters connect instantly with students, athletes and parents. Coaches can instantly message their entire team and all the parents. The information can be received as a text message, email, or push notification on the app. Phone numbers are always kept private so information is safe and secure. Teachers, students, and parents have easy access to their message history. (Age 13+ only)